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Doctor Friendly's Wearable Computer : Coming Soon!

The Blogger Friendly: Coming Soon!

Doctor Friendly Magazine Cover!: The July/August issue of IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications features one of my newest images on the cover, and a two-page article about the Doctor with two more images inside.

From the Digital Be-In 1/12: A flattering review of my interactive installation at this most interesting event!


I am an artist, researcher, and programmer using biologically and culturally-inspired algorithms to create interactive, self-organizing visual & audio art systems.

I program computers to create universes in which life-like, organic forms emerge spontaneously in live, sensual collaboration with the artist; I then create instrument systems with which I perform in collaboration with artificial image and and sound lifeforms.

The self-organizing nature of the systems make it simple and intuitive to create a vast range of fascinating content. The beauty of the results arises from the aesthetic feedback loops between the artist and the system. The patterns emerge from the human-machine interplay and are unique to all the details of that play.

Playing the same art-game twice does obtain the same result; although it may have chaotic behavior, the system includes no random elements. The systems produce interesting content immediately, but as one learns the personalities of these lifeforms, it becomes possible to collaborate with a new sort of Alien. This is the essence of my artform -- transforming our relationship with technology and biology from mere control to enlightened symbiosis.

Please enjoy this web site, and email me with any thoughts or comments:

drfriendly AT earthlink DOT net

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Thanks so much for your interest.

-- Aaron Wolf Baum, AKA Doctor Friendly